PowerSmart Heat Pumps

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PowerSmart Heat Pumps

5.5 kw and 8.8 kw

PowerSmart Heat Pumps do not require a separate keypad for adjusting settings and integrate with the existing spa pool touchpad allowing for temperature and diagnostic adjustments.

The installation of a PowerSmart Heat Pump will result in considerable savings to your heating bill, slashing costs by up to 75% in comparision to a standard electric spa heater. Not forgetting the massively reduced heat up times ensuring change over times are decreased.

The savings generated will pay for your investment over a short period and the more frequently you drain and re-fill the quicker your return on investment.

The heat pump units are small and attractive, they are also very quiet. We chose these units for two reasons, firstly the reduced running costs, however the best advantage for us was the fact that they require very little power to operate. This enabled us to run a glamping cabin for 4 people off a standard 16-amp supply. Power requirements will rise over time due to guests wishing to have hot tubs and as the need to charge an electric car grows, these units give us a way of coping with the increased power requirements.

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